Social Media Ambassadors


If there’s one thing NKU is good at, it’s growing and adapting in a changing world.  Part of these changes includes how we connect with our community and share all the exciting things happening on and off-campus.  This is where you come in... we are actively recruiting Social Media Ambassadors to help us spread the word about university announcements, events, and all things Norse.  Becoming a social media ambassador is a high-impact, low commitment way to advocate for NKU within your network.  


How can you participate?

We hope that students, faculty, staff, and alumni across the country will engage with the university on Giving Tuesday by writing what they love about NKU and sharing it with all their friends on social media.  To inspire others to get involved, we need well-connected grassroots volunteers ready to post and share their own NKU selfies.


Let’s get started!

  1. Register as an ambassador. 
  2. Create a password & login to access the ambassador platform.  By creating an account, you will be able to track your impact and reach in real-time.  *If you were an ambassador last year and do not remember your password, email Jodi Zerbe at to reset.    
  3. Access social media ambassador toolkit with customizable sample posts, “I Love NKU” PDF, etc.  
  4. Download PDF and tell why you love NKU.
  5. Share on all social media platforms with #NKUGivingTuesday and your personal ambassador link (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).  Bonus points if you make this your profile picture for the day. 
  6. Email Giving Tuesday instruction page and personal ambassador link to friends and family to have them tell us why they also love NKU.  
  7. Sit back and watch as you inspire others to engage and give back on Giving Tuesday!